Randy Bass, Vice Provost for Education

“Through Regents STEM Scholars we are exploring how to deliver an education that combines the best of in-person instruction and mentoring support with the best of how online technologies can support student engagement and understanding in fluid ways, especially across holiday breaks and summers. Supporting first generation students for success requires thinking across the conventional boundaries of time and space.

“The Regents STEM Scholars Program is uniquely Georgetown because of the focus on equity and community.

Missy Foy, Director of the Georgetown Scholarship Program (GSP)
Devita Bishundat, Director of the Community Scholars Program (CSP)

“Our students now see themselves reflected inside their classroom experience. They are no longer the only, or one of few, first-generation, low-income students of color in their science classes; they have a community of people who have shared lived experiences and social identities.

“One of the most powerful impacts of RSSP is how it nurtures and develops students’ love of science–of being a scientist.

Javier Jiménez, Assistant Dean in the College

“Thinking expansively about who we invite to this campus is key. It’s about more than just educating scholars coming from diverse, underrepresented backgrounds. It’s about all of us being educated from this experience. We learn not just from disciplinary knowledge. We learn from our community.”

– Heidi Elmendorf, Director of the Regents STEM Scholars Program

Prof. Heidi Elmendorf, Director of the Regents STEM Scholars